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We are B4UR1 Media:


We run Wales against lockdown:
And North Wales against:
We also have other shared projects


Sarah Thom
Account Number: 00186704
Sort Code: 230363



Our business failed at the start of lockdown 2020
(it was leisure orientated). We were lucky to have savings

For the first time we are asking for support to keep moving,
we are committed to fighting these lies and exposing any
rats spoiling the truth.

We've invested many thousands of pounds into our mission to end this medical tyranny. We stand shoulder to shoulder with all truth warriors.

We have equipment to legally stay outside a targets house (or anywhere), technology to enable many applications, including long range in ear communication, video cameras and an electric vehicle. We want to carry on with the many investigations we've started and continue to be a presence when needed, either as Peace Officers or B4UR1 Media PRESS.
We have equipment to facilitate being trapped in a police kettle (pop up tents, pocket toilets, energy food, etc for several people). We carry medical supplies such as oxygen, and portable hi-tech medical monitors. Obviously we have yellow boards / banners and 3 megaphones / Uniforms / Sound System

The vehicle has 4 cameras recording when we want (with 370m Military grade night vision) , we've purchased tech to allow these to go live.
We're familiar with all the leaders and they also know us, and this helps. We're also familiar with most of the Alternative news outlets covering the protests with live feeds, and we promote these when we aren't live.

Donations are needed to ensure we are able to live on the road and be where we're needed most, also to keep the vehicle moving.
We only started B4UR1 Media last year due to the mainstream media letting us down badly. Nobody expected the tyranny to progress to this stage or even last this long, none of us did; thus our funds have diminished and B4UR1 Media is no longer sustainable without selling assets or closing our investigations and just focusing on demonstrations. We need to keep pushing back whilst also identifying things placed in the way of progress.

We have our own barcodes for teenagers and adults to scan, these are placed on the vehicle parked strategically, thus we received a broken window already from complicity theorists.
We locked down in the forest in Wales March 2020, started the virus isolation camp ( https://www.facebook.com/b4ur1camp ) to try and get free thinkers to lockdown how they feel, We were attacked by vigilantes.

We've never asked for donations and never dreamed we would. But we have the potential to grow more and nurture the truth as it should be, maybe you have a truth movement related mission for us? Sponsor us.

We're fluent in British Sign Language BSL and last year we qualified in:
Crowd Management
Journalism / Television Presenter
Covid Awareness (Just for fun)
Home education ++

John B4UR1 Media's life story can be found here in several videos:

Sarah Thom
Account Number: 00186704
Sort Code: 230363


Thank you and big respect . x